• 4 Gondola Shelving
    Ideal for:
    • Grocery Stores
    • Pharmacy Stores
    • Party Supply Stores
    • Pet Stores
    • Discount Stores
    • Bookstores
    • Convenience Stores
  • 1 Pharmacy Shelving
    Multiple Brand Rx shelving
    • Midwest
    • Boni
    • Uniweb
    • Lozier
    • Madix
    • Comac
    Bottle Bays Rx Cabinets Work Counters:Laminate & Corian©
  • 3 Hooks & Accessories
    Organize your merchandise.
    • Shelf accessories & dividers
    • Pegboard accessories-peg & scan hooks
    • Slatwall accessories-wire & acrylic displays
  • 5 Millwork Fixutres
    Midwest Retail Services offers both stock and custom design solutions.
    • Sales Counters
    • Cash Wraps
    • Showcases
    • Counter tops
    • Casework
  • 5 Steel Gondola Shelves & Steel Wall Shelves
    • Durable
    • Economical
    • Versatile
    • Range of accessories
    • Variety of colors
  • 2 Widespan Racking
    Backroom or Retail Floor applications
    • Retail & Storage applications
    • Heavy-duty options
    • Wood & Wire Decking
    • Color and accessory options
    • Gravity feed shelf options
    • Mobile Units
  • 5 Store Fixture Lighting
    Lighting can add a dramatic effect to highlight merchandise and increase sales.
    • Shelf Mounted
    • Canopy
    • Back Panels
    • LED technology
    • Long Lasting
    • Low energy use
  • 5 Shelf Facing Display Systems
    Dramatically change the appearance of your merchandise to your customers.
    • Increase Sales 10-15%
    • Reduce Stocking and Facing Labor
    • Organize Product Appearance
    • Grow Categories 15-20%
About Us

Midwest Retail Services is a multi-line wholesale distributor of retail display fixtures.

We serve:
Retail Designers and Architects
Retail Contractors and Fixture Installers
Fixture Resellers

Our Products

Our Services
Our professional staff and vendor partners are committed to our client’s retail success.

We provide:
Custom Designed Fixtures
Fixture Installation
Store Fixture Consolidation
P.O.P Inventory Programs

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Our customers:

Whether this is your first store or your 100th store, Midwest Retail Services understands what you need. We offer timely quotes, easy ordering, on-time deliveries and qualified installers when needed. Low minimum order requirements make it easy to order just a box of peg hooks or just one wire dump basket. Our buying power let’s you purchase an entire store of display fixtures without breaking your budget.

Retailers can also establish proprietary inventories at Midwest Retail Services reducing or eliminating your initial investment using our ‘bill as we ship’ program.

But Midwest Retail Services is more than just selling a peghook or a checkout counter. We offer guidance, product information, item specifications, and comparisons to help you make informed decisions and the right purchase. If you’re looking for a particular display product, we can help you find it and buy it. Our business has been built helping retail business owners and managers get what they need.

Retail Designers & Architects:
Designing a single store or planning a roll-out, Midwest Retail Services has experienced staff who understand drawings and take-offs, what you are trying to accomplish, and can deal with the display manufacturer(s) you wish to use even if it is not one of our existing manufacturing partners. We can consolidate your efforts from dealing with many sources to dealing with one source. Our buying power lets you spec numerous brands and types of displays, through one source, and get costs you can live with. You can also establish proprietary inventories at Midwest Retail Service reducing or eliminating your initial investment using our ‘bill as we ship’ program.

Midwest Retail Services is experienced in consolidating and handling for single and multiple stores of display fixtures, packing them up and shipping a ‘store-in-a-box’. We also pack and load shipments so installers can unload in a specific sequence at the site to better facilitate your installation.

Need a P.O.P display roll-out? Tell us what you need and how you want it packed and we can do the rest.

Retail Contractors:
Retail contractors have come to us seeking help when their customer asks them to quote or furnish certain display fixtures. When you run into this situation, call Midwest . If you run out of display hooks or need more slatwall, call Midwest . We stock thousands of display hooks, several styles of slatwall and hundreds of sizes of steel wall and gondola shelving. Contractors can also establish proprietary inventories at Midwest reducing or eliminating your initial investment using our ‘bill as we ship’ program.

Store Fixture Resellers:
Are you interested in expanding your business offerings? Would you like to offer your customers display products but don’t know how or where to start or which manufacturers to choose from? Call Midwest Retail Services. Our reseller program is designed to help you provide display fixtures to your customers without you investing in a warehouse and inventory. Our program is designed to help you compete and make a profit. Midwest resellers get our buying power and all the manufacturer lines we offer all from one source. Resellers can also establish proprietary inventories at Midwest reducing or eliminating your initial investment using our ‘bill as we ship’ program.