Shipping Method

Please select a shipping option below based on your purchase.

  • Standard Ground
    Usually arrives within 1-5 days based on your delivery address
  • Next Business Day
    Delivered by 3pm to most U.S. addresses; by 4:30pm to rural areas; and by 8pm to residences.
  • Next Business Day by Noon
    Delivered by 10:30am to most U.S. addresses; by noon, 4:30pm or 5pm in remote areas.
  • LTL Freight Carrier
    Delivered by freight class truck to your loading dock. We also offer a Lift-Gate and Appointment Delivery options.

Is your destination ship-to address located outside continental United States?
This website cannot process automated shipping costs for deliveries outside the continental United States.
For international deliveries or ship-to address located in Alaska or Hawaii please call 800-576-7577, email, or use our Live Chat and we will personally work with you to oversee the important details required for deliveries to these locations.

Expedited Delivery Options
Midwest Retail Services offers Next-Business Day Delivery when available. Restrictions may apply in your region and are predicated on your order being submitted in time for internal processing. If we cannot fulfill your request, a customer service representative will contact you and offer a best alternative (or you may opt to cancel your order).

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