Security Peg & Scan Hooks

Security Peg & Scan Hooks

Use Security Peg Hooks with anti-theft features to prevent shoplifting in your store!

Finding a balance between deterring theft and keeping retail areas customer friendly can be challenging. One school of thought is to prevent potential shoplifters from quickly swiping a specific set of products from store displays. Here are a few ways that buying the appropriate wire peg hook can mitigate store shrinkage.

Locking Peg and Scan Hooks require a key to remove products from the peg hook and features a screw to secure the hook into pegboard to prevent its removal.

Security Stop Locks can be added to existing peg hooks, preventing all (or a set amount) of product from being taken off the hook without assistance from your retail service team. The stop lock wraps around a peg hook and can only be removed with a special magnetic release tool.

Anti-Sweep Hooks are best if you'd rather keep all merchandise easily accessible to customers without calling upon customer service personnel. Anti-Sweep Hooks look just like standard peg hooks, but they are manufactured with kink in the wire. This prevents products from be pulled off quickly or in multiples, removing the "quick merchandise sweep" commonly used by shoplifters.

While nothing can guarantee prevention all theft, these are some simple fixture accessory options which can limit your exposure to the most common shoplifter, the one whose primary incitement to theft is simply opportunity.


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