Discount / Dollar Stores

Discount / Dollar Stores

As discount retailers, you are focused on offering a wide array of merchandise at a great value. With new products constantly entering your store, finding reliable, versatile display fixtures is more important than ever.

Wouldn't it be great to trust someone to handle the store fixtures for you?

Trust one of our industry specialists to match your discount store with the right combination of display fixtures. Midwest Retail Services can be your one stop for all the store fixtures you need.

The proper choice of shelving, displays, and accessories makes merchandising effortless and creates an easy, stress-free shopping experience for your customers. We will provide you with dynamic display shelving that will grab customers' attention and boost sales.

Whether you are looking to open a new store or update your existing fixtures, trust Midwest Retail Services for your display fixtures and accessories.

Versatile gondola shelving creates an efficient and attractive display that directs customers to the items they desire. Widespan racking safely showcases your heavy or bulk items including large packages of grocery products, ready- to-assemble furniture, boxed home appliances, and much more. Take advantage of floor stack merchandisers to create a massive, eye-catching display that depicts exceptional value for customers.

Peg hooks, scan hooks, and shelving accessories ensure you are utilizing every square inch of your merchandising area. High quality shopping baskets and shopping carts allow your customers to easily gather the products they need.

We aspire to simplify your operation by providing expert advice and one source for all of your display fixtures. Email Midwest Retail Services at and we will answer your questions and provide the fixture expertise you expect.

Discount Retail Store Fixtures & Accessories

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