Gondola Shelving Accessories

Gondola Shelving Accessories

Gondola Shelving Parts and Accessories

All the little (and big!) extras you need to turn your retail gondola shelves into masterful merchandising powerhouses!

Gondola Shelving Accessories

Shelf management is an important part of retailing. Product pusher trays and product pushers keep merchandise ordered and front-facing. Shelf dividers and fencing keep merchandise grouped and organized and within their product zones on shelves. Shelf channel accessories promote products and pricing while directing your customers to the correct product location on the shelf.

Gondola Shelving Parts

Whether you need extra or replacement parts for your gondola shelving, Midwest Retail Services stocks most standard Brackets, Bases, Rails, Uprites, Decks, Panels, and other parts from major store shelving brands like Lozier and Madix for fast delivery to your dock or door.

Once you have your store shelves assembled and looking sharp, the trick is to keep your merchandise stocked and looking neat and orderly -- and that can be a challenge! How many hours per week do your store associates invest in cleaning up merchandise on your shelves, only to have it look like a disaster area 15 minutes later? 

Use gondola shelving accessories to help save time and labor (and increase sales!)

No matter the brand of shelves in your store, Midwest Retail Services has the retail gondola shelving accessories to make your merchandise displays look sharp and sell more!

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