Customized Store Fixtures and Display Accessories

Customized Store Fixtures and Display Accessories

Signs you may need a Custom Fixture Display...

  • Do you have a new product and can't find the right way to display it?
  • What do you do when the stock fixtures won't work for the merchandise you are trying to display? 
  • How do you get customers to notice your products?
  • Are you facing these challenges?

Midwest Retail Services can help you with your specialty displays and specialty display fixture accessories whether they are steel, wire, or wood. From concept to reality, we can help you bring your retail vision to life. Once you know the kind of display you need, an often asked question is...

Should I buy a specialty display domestically or import it?
The needs of your program can dictate the choice between a domestic or an import manufacturer. Important factors to consider include lead time, quantity, pricing, transportation, and manufacturing flexibility. Managing the entire program and providing insight into both options is where Midwest Retail Services shines best. We have the expertise to help you determine the right direction for you.

Whether you choose to use a domestic manufacturer or an import manufacturer (or both!), the end result is the same -- a custom fixture display that fulfills your merchandising vision at a price point that works for your organization.

Custom display fixtures from start to finish!

For more information about specialty retail fixtures and custom displays and accessories, contact Midwest Retail Services today. Call toll free at 800-576-7577, email us at, or use the convenient contact form below.

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