Pusher Trays - Shelf Mount

Pusher Trays - Shelf Mount

Shelf Mount Pusher Trays

Pusher Trays have two style options, shelf mounted or bar mounted. Which one is best for you? Do you have existing gondola shelving or coolers with shelves? Are you trying to add pusher trays with the lowest initial cost possible?
If so, shelf mounted pusher trays will likely be the best fit.

Shelf Mounted Pusher Tray Benefits

  • Shelf mounted pusher trays lay on existing shelving, no additional cost for connecting hardware
  • Standard shelf mounted pusher trays have wire sides and have lower per tray cost than bar mounted trays with metal sides
  • Available in 13", 15", 17", 19", 21", 22", and 24" depths

Still have questions about which Pusher Tray is right for you?

Contact us via email at info@mw-rs.com, call us toll-free at 800-576-7577, or use the Chat box at the bottom of this page to connect with one of our knowledgeable fixture experts!

Pusher Trays are built to order and current 
lead times are approximately 4-5 weeks.


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