Wire Binning and Baskets

Wire Binning, Baskets, Dividers, and Fronts

Wire Bins and Baskets can be used to organize and display bulkier products like dog toys and chew bones, or soft goods like scarves, hats, and gloves. Wire Binning is also perfect larger or longer items like rolls of wallpaper or holiday giftwrap, or use the Wire Bin Dividers to organize smaller products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and travel-size products.

Wire Binning is installed on your existing gondola shelving by locking Fronts and Dividers together to create a rigid grid system which better lends itself to merchandising heavier items that could cause freestanding wire fencing to pop out and fall over when too much pressure is applied.

Wire Binning provides superior visibility for merchandising products to your customers, especially when placing the Wire Bin Shelving in a down-tilt position.

Wire Binning is manufactured with vertical wires on 1/2" centers and horizontal wires on 5/8" centers. Use 5"H Wire Binning Dividers with either 3"H or 5"H Wire Binning Fronts, and use 7"H Dividers with either 5"H or 7"H Fronts.

Wire Binning accessories are not interchangeable with Freestanding Wire Fencing or Dividers.

Continuous Wire Baskets are similar to Endless Wire Baskets, but feature an 8"H Back with a 6"H sloped Front. The basket Front/Back is reversible when used with MultiPurpose Brackets (sold separately) in the  downslant position. Continuous Wire Baskets can support up to 400 lbs. when evenly distributed in the flat position.

Continuous Wire Basket Dividers are also available to keep product lines neat and organized.

This line of merchandising products is compatible with most Lozier and Madix gondola systems.

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