Shelf Dividers and Fencing

Shelf Dividers and Fencing

Gondola Fencing & Dividers

Shelf Fencing and Dividers provide steel shelving easy product organization for every brand of gondola shelving. Divider systems do not just organize products on a shelf; they are more valuable than that. Shelf dividers separate products for visual clarity and improving the shopping experience.  The divider itself stops eye movement just long enough for a customer to discern the products being divided.  The divider is ‘felt' more than actually ‘seen', as it provides space between products.  Give your customers a better experience and you will increase products sales.

Types of fencing and divider systems:

Free-standing Wire Fencing and Dividers are durable and snap directly into shelf perforations keeping products firmly in place.

Slide Rail Dividers and Divider Fronts are a slim looking style and easy to install. Dividers snap into place on Front (adhesive-backed) Rails attached to the shelf.

Fast-Divide™ Shelf Dividers are the most cost effective system available.  The system takes up less space than any other.  Made from durable .020 clear PVC.  Peel & Strip installation.

Clear Angle Shelf Dividers organize taller products without covering merchandise labeling from the customer's view.

Universal T-Dividers, in wire and clear plastic, are great for merchandising narrow products on metal perforated shelves.

Clear-Control™ Shelf Dividers provide unobtrusive view for any product, have a patented locking system for easy installation, and are made from high quality, clear styrene just 0.10" thick.

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