Flex Frame 2

Flex Frame 2 - The Second Generation of Tobacco Merchandisers

The Flex Frame 2 tobacco fixture was originally designed and developed with a focus on flexibility and product density. 

The Flex Frame 2 tobacco display was perfect for merchandising all types of tobacco and smokeless products, and retailers could easily maximize their potential sales by showcasing the most profitable and popular tobacco products to their customers.

Flex Frame 2 system was designed to change with you and your store needs. New products, category growth/reduction, and complete look reconfigurations were possible with low cost, easy to install headers, trays, and signs.

The Flex Frame 2 base fixture is no longer being manufactured...
But that doesn't mean you have to live with old dented shelves, broken spring-loaded pusher trays, or cracked header covers.

Midwest Retail Services has teamed with Harbor Retail to provide replacement parts and accessories for your original Flex Frame 2 tobacco merchandising system.

Browse the list of available Flex Frame 2 products below and add them to your cart to buy online, or reach out to us for a custom quote if you need larger quantities for a refresh and refurbish of multiple locations.

You have a Flex Frame 2 fixture if it matches these specifications:

  • Interchangeable header covers
  • Individual 1' shelves
  • Back Grid
  • Slotted Metal Tube
  • Available in Silver or Black 

Click the images below to learn more and purchase Flex Frame 2 Fixtures.


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