Wood Fixtures

Wood retail fixtures (also called millwork) are a stylish and customizable option for your stores.

Wood Fixtures provide limitless display possibilities for every store and are most often used for checkout counters, service counters, and countertops.  Countertops are commonly used on top of other fixture units such as steel shelving where regular display shelves are desired. Countertops are also used in work spaces such as pharmacy Rx work surfaces for handling prescription fulfillment. Other common uses for wood units are wine displayers, specialty shelving, Rx cabinetry, and as slatwall shelves.

Wood is very popular because of the infinite number of finishes available.  Painted, stained, or laminated let wood set your display apart from the rest. And wood can be styled from the utilitarian to the elegant, matching any décor or merchandising theme desired.

Explore the wide variety of wood display fixtures to include in your shelving program.  Let us help you select the wood display fixture option for your store by contacting Midwest Retail Services at 800-576-7577 or by info@mw-rs.com.

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