CII Narcotics Safes

Pharmacy Security Cabinets and Narcotics CII Safes

Midwest Retail Services offers a variety of secure lock-up cabinets and safes for your pharmacy. Use CII security safes for narcotics lock up, HIPAA regulated patient records and CAL file storage, overstock, will-call, etc.

These security safes can also be used for multifunctional retail uses like loss prevention merchandise storage, electronics lock-up, office management and Human Resources files, or any item better kept under secure lock and key.

The ESLAudit Electronic Lock keeps your pharmacy safe, secure, and accountable

Pharmacies of every size can benefit from an easy to use safe access control system.

AMSEC'S ESL AUDIT ELECTRONIC LOCK makes it easy to manage safe access with its integrated USB Port and user-friendly PC application; Download lock settings, Upload lock settings, Download audit trail, Upload software upgrades and More! All functions can be securely shared via email.


  • All components communicate through a secure and encrypted network
  • Supports dual control and armored car pick-ups
  • Implement time-delayed access to deter robberies
  • Define operating hours to activate time lock restrictions
  • PIN code or electronic key access for user authentication
  • Features alarm output or duress alarm
  • Three unique lock designs
  • Control single or double-doors as well as inner/outer safe doors
  • Manage up to 40 users, door settings, and system configuration directly from the powerful PC application

Contact us today for ideas on how to incorporate the ESLAudit Electronic Lock into your pharmacy workstations, and to schedule your free installation and training.

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