If no damage or suspicion of damage is noted on a Delivery Receipt at the time of delivery, damage responsibility is removed from the carrier and any damage replacement costs are transferred to you, the customer. 

Please use the following procedure when accepting shipments:

1) Count the number of pallets and/or pieces delivered; 

2) Depending on the point of origin, there may be a picture on the skid of the skid prior to pick up.  Compare actual skid to the picture;

3) Check as thoroughly as possible for damage to items on the pallet;

4) Check pallets and pieces for any sign of damage or rough treatment.  Look for crumpled corners, top, bottom & sides; dented or torn boxes; torn stretch wrap; broken wooden skid; signs of re-packaging, etc.; 

5) >> IMPORTANT <<  Sign the Delivery Receipt in 1 of the 4 ways below:

a. “Received Short” and note how many skids or pieces are missing;

b. “Visible Damage – Pending Further Inspection” and detail the damages to items that can be seen;

c. “Possible Damage – Pending Inspection” and note the reason for the suspicion (crumpled corners, etc.);

d. Sign clear (no additional comments necessary);

6) If a camera is available, take pictures before and after opening the shipment. List all actual damages and keep all damaged items and packaging in case the carrier requires inspection.

To make a claim and request replacements:

1) Call your sales representative immediately to report the damage or discrepancies;

2) If the Delivery Receipt was noted as specified above, replacements will be shipped as soon as possible and usually at no additional replacement or freight expense to you;

3) If no damage notation was made but hidden damages are later discovered, these must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.  Cost of replacement or reimbursement will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  Timely claims are essential – the longer the damage goes unreported, the less chance a claim will be paid. 
After 48 hours from delivery, a claim will NOT be considered.

4) If items were shipped on a customer-specified carrier, collect, or 3rd party bill, damage claims are the customer’s responsibility.  Damage replacements will be processed as a new order.

Midwest Retail Services and all of our manufacturing partners take exceptional care in packing our products for shipment. The majority of shipments arrive at their destination without damage; but in the event damages do occur, noting that damage (actual or possible) or discrepancy at the time of arrival is essential to the favorable settlement of a claim.

We appreciate your assistance in collecting any required information pertaining to a damage claim!
Revised August 6, 2019
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