Shelf Channel Accessories

Shelf Channel Accessories

Can you talk to every customer as they walk down each aisle of your store?  Of course not, well on second thought, maybe you are missing a golden opportunity.  What about the shelves in your store?  The gondola shelf channel is a great place to have that conversation with your customer, and it walks with customers from aisle to aisle. 

By utilizing the shelf channel, position price tags so customer know the cost of each item.  Draw attention to sale items by placing signs directly in front of the promoted products.

Regardless of the brand of shelving you have, whether it's Lozier, Madix, Streater, Kent, MEG and others, we have the retail shelf accessories to make your merchandise displays shine!

For more information, click on the individual products below and buy online.  Are you unsure what accessory would work for retail store?  Call Midwest Retail Services for advice on what accessory will fit your needs best!

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