Streater Replacement Upper Shelves

Streater Replacement Upper Shelves

Extend the life of your Streater Fixtures with Streater-compatible upper shelves from Midwest Retail Services!

The Streater gondola shelving system was discontinued in 2020, but we realize many retailers still have Streater in their retail space. Midwest Retail Services offers compatible replacement Streater upper shelves to help your business extend the life of their Streater fixtures.  

  • These 3-piece upper shelves are provided with loose side shelf brackets and the shelf pan drops in over the top of the brackets.
  • Bracket profile, shelf depth, and diamond perforations match the original Streater design.
  • Shelf top is made of smooth steel rather than the traditional textured steel in the old Streater design.
  • Load capacity of the Streater replacement upper shelf is 275 lbs. (evenly distributed).


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