Gravity Feed Display Shelving

Introducing the new Gravity Feed Display Shelf!

This innovative new shelving management fixture is the ideal way to merchandise oversize plastic bottles, large canned products, plastic jugs, and more in your retail grocery store, convenience store, liquor store, or auto parts store.

Perfect for stocking soda 2-liters, bottled cocktail mixers, large bottles of juice, or plastic containers of motor oil or washer fluid!

The unique gravity feed design allows products to smoothly slide forward as product is removed, making it easy for customers to find and buy the products they need while the merchandise is restocked and faced automatically.

Available in Charcoal or Platinum (Black or Beige) and sold as complete individual kits, so you can easily add them to your existing Lozier gondola shelving system and expand as your need increases.

Gravity Feed Display Shelves are compatible with Lozier brand gondola shelving, making it a quick and easy installation on shelving units you already have in your store. Shelves measure 48" wide and are available in depths of 16" or 24" giving you options for the perfect size and combination to fit your merchandise needs. Each shelf is manufactured with a standard C-Channel to fit compatible tags and strip accessories.

Gravity Feed Display Shelving kits include our specially designed inclined steel shelf with sturdy metal wire guide system, and a durable plastic grooved 1/16" thick sliding mat (Black mats for the Charcoal version and White mats for the Platinum shelves).

Benefits of using the Gravity Feed Display Shelf:

  • Increased sales: The Gravity Feed Display Shelf makes it easy for customers to find and select the products they need, leading to more store profits.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate the ease of use of the Gravity Feed Display Shelf and the fact this system keeps products looking neat, clean, and tidy on your store shelves. 
  • Reduced labor costs: Gravity Feed Display Shelves eliminate the need for repeated manual facing and restocking of products, save you time and money while allowing your team to interact with more shoppers.
  • Improved product visibility: The wire guides in our Gravity Feed Display Shelving keep product packaging and graphics highly visible and the shelf displayed at eye level, providing maximum product visibility to the consumer.
  • Increased shelf space: The 48" shelf depth and inclined angle of the Gravity Feed Shelves in depths of 16" or 24" allows you to merchandise more products within the same amount of shelf space, keeping your inventory out of the back room and maximizing your products available for purchase on the store floor.

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