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Boni Rx Shelf

Boni Pharmacy Rx Shelf

Full width pharmacy shelf for each Boni bay width. Boni Rx Shelving is reversible -- with each shelf capable of being installed as either a tray shelf or flat shelf -- for maximum flexibility of use.
  • Choose from 15", 24", 30", 36", and 48" lengths
  • Slide-in and lock feature keeps shelf securely in position.
  • White Powder Coat Finish
Sold as individual units
8X15 Rx Shelf (121-04-1508) $8.40
8X24 Rx Shelf (121-04-2408) $9.81
8X30 Rx Shelf (121-04-3008) $10.56
8X36 Rx Shelf (121-04-3608) $11.64
8X48 Rx Shelf (121-04-4808) $13.85
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