C-Channel Oak Tag Strips

Oak Laminate C-Channel Tag Strips add upscale decor to your Streater Gondola Shelving

Instantly upgrade the look of your Streater gondola shelves by inserting these Oak Laminate Tag Moulding Strips. These laminate strips measure 47-5/8" wide and are quick and simple to install, and even easier to clean and maintain. Strips can be field cut to smaller shelf sizes. Your current price tags can still be applied to the shelf tag moulding strip.

Add the look of real wood accents to your shelving in a single department or throughout your entire store without the costly investment or maintenance. Unlike wood, laminate accent strips will not split, crack, or deteriorate over time. A perfect additional to wine departments or liquor stores.

Attractive Oak laminate finish (other finishes are available).

Sold as single 4' strips
Oak Lam Tag Mould Strips-Streater 47-5/8" x 1-1/4" (48OAKTAGSTRIPS) $2.35
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