Deli Meat Pusher Trays, Bar Mount

Bar-Mounted Pusher Trays for Deli Meats

Deli Meat Pusher Trays keep round, oval, square and loaf sliced meats optimally faced for enhanced shopability, easy product rotation, added freshness and reduced shrinkage loss.

A wide range of depths, widths and package capabilities give you a strong competitive edge for all your refrigerated retailing.

Ideal for hot dogs, tub meats, sausage, pepperoni and Lunchables®
  • Save labor costs on straightening shelves and facing products
  • Width adjusts from 5-1/2" to 8"
  • Available in 13", 15", 17", 19", 21", 22", and 24" depths
  • Heavy-duty construction with metal sides
  • Available in Shelf Mount or Bar Mount versions
  • Orders ship within 2-3 weeks
Sold in cases of 12
Pusher Tray 19D,Package Deli Meat,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT19BM-DELIMEAT) $212.74
Pusher Tray 19D,Hot Dogs,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT19BM-HOTDOG) $236.74
Pusher Tray 19D,Lunchable,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT19BM-LUNCHABLE) $212.74
Pusher Tray 19D,Sausage,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT19BM-SAUSAGE) $236.74
Pusher Tray 15D,Package Deli Meat,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT15BM-DELIMEAT) $196.80
Pusher Tray 15D,Hot Dogs,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT15BM-HOTDOG) $219.60
Pusher Tray 15D,Lunchable,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT15BM-LUNCHABLE) $196.80
Pusher Tray 15D,Sausage,Bar Mnt,12/Box (TPT15BM-SAUSAGE) $219.60
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