Crosstube Hooks

Crosstube Divider Hooks

Do you have merchandise on peg hooks that rips your pegboard? Divider Hooks on Crosstubes for hanging heavier products can solve your problem. Crosstube dividers can also be used as dividers to separate vertical merchandise. Crosstube Hooks can be positioned at 45 or 90-degrees.
  • 3/8" Diameter rod
  • Lengths: 6", 10", 13", 16" or 19"
  • Available in Platinum (Beige) or Charcoal (Black) finish
Sold in packs of 10
Crosstube Hook,06L,Platinum,10pk (HD06.MW.PLT) $14.25
Crosstube Hook,10L,Platinum,10pk (HD10.MW.PLT) $17.10
Crosstube Hook,13L,Platinum,10pk (HD13.MW.PLT) $19.24
Crosstube Hook,16L,Platinum,10pk (HD16.MW.PLT) $24.94
Crosstube Hook,19L,Platinum,10pk (HD19.MW.PLT) $29.45
Crosstube Hook,06L,Charcoal,10pk (HD06.MW.CHR) $14.25
Crosstube Hook,10L,Charcoal,10pk (HD10.MW.CHR) $17.10
Crosstube Hook,13L,Charcoal,10pk (HD13.MW.CHR) $19.24
Crosstube Hook,16L,Charcoal,10pk (HD16.MW.CHR) $24.94
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