Security Scanning Lock Peg Hooks

Combat shoplifting with Security Scanning Lock Peg Hooks

Prevent the theft of expensive items such as cameras and electronics. Hook locks to pegboard to prevent removal (locking screw included).

Our Locking Security Scan Peg Hooks are designed to deter shoplifters at the initial stage of the theft. With their strong locks and ability to be secured to the fixtures, these security solutions make it harder for criminals to acquire the product, thus deterring theft.

The Original Lock Hook features Heavy-Duty .250" Diameter wire with a locking end to secure products from being removed.

Sold in boxes of 10
Scanning Security Peg Hook,10/Pk, 10 (RBR2SH-10) $40.90
Scanning Security Peg Hook,10/Pk, 6 (RBR2SH-6) $37.30
Scanning Security Peg Hook,10/Pk, 8 (RBR2SH-8) $40.50
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