LTL Inside Delivery is a specialized service option offered by Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers that delivers freight to the entrance of a building rather than just to the loading dock or curb.

This option involves bringing the palleted delivery just inside the doors of the business and is an option for pallets carrying items less than 72" in length and not wider than the pallet width of 48". The delivery location must have a minimum entryway width of 50" to allow for clearance of the 48" wide shipping pallets.

If the pallets cannot fit through the delivery entrance, the LTL Carrier will leave the pallets outside the business. LTL Carriers will not perform additional tasks such as breaking the load down into smaller pieces, moving freight long distances, up stairs, or anything they deem unsafe.

You must agree to the following in order to confirm your choice of LTL Inside Delivery:

  1. I have confirmed my delivery doorway measures at least 50" wide.
  2. Nothing in my order exceeds 72" in length or 48" in width.
  3. I understand the shipment will be left immediately inside the doors of my business.
  4. Any delivery not able to fit through my door will be left outside the building.
  5. Requests to reschedule or refusal of delivery may result in additional charges.
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