Label Release for C-Channel Shelves, Non-Adhesive

Non-Adhesive Label Release® Rolls for C-Channel Shelving Strips

Have you ever tried to clean price tags off of gondola shelves? Those sticky tags really don't want to come off. Save both labor costs and frustration with Label Release.

Insert a strip of Label Release into the gondola shelf C-channel, then apply your price tags. You will be amazed how easily the price tags peels off.
  • Non-Adhesive Label Release PT for C-Channel Shelving
  • 1-3/16" x 200 foot rolls, Perforated every 11.875"
  • One roll will cover (50) 4' gondola shelves
  • Available in Almond, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White, and Yellow
Sold in individual rolls of 200 feet
Chnl NonAdhesive Lbl Rlease,Almond,1-3/16"x200'Rl (S01-LR-A-PT) $21.03
Chnl NonAdhesive Lbl Rlease,Black,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-BLK-PT) $21.03
Chnl NonAdhesive Lbl Release,Blue,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-539-PT) $21.03
Chnl NonAdhesive Lbl Release,Gray,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-G-PT) $21.03
LOW STOCK Chnl NonAdhesive Lbl Rlease,Green,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-3435-PT) $21.03
Chnl Non-Adhesive Lbl Release,Red,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-186-PT) $21.03
Chnl NonAdhesive Lbl Rlease,White,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-WHT-PT) $21.03
Chnl Non-Adhesive Lbl Release,Yellow,1-3/16"x200'Roll (S01-LR-123-PT) $21.03
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