Lozier Base Bracket, 06 Style

When ordering, base bracket size equals base shelf size.

EXAMPLE: For a 16" base shelf, order a 16" base bracket.
Actual size of bracket will be 3" less than the base shelf.
Most brackets have their size 'stamped' in the metal
to match base shelf. If unsure, call us at 800-576-7577.

  • Available in 13", 16", 19", 22" and 25" depths
  • 2" conduit hole for greater electrical access
  • Includes leveler leg
  • Install straight in using integral spring latch
  • Neutral color

Sold as individual units

Base Brkt,13D,Spring Locking,06 BASE (BB1306S.PTD) $12.50
Base Brkt,16D,Spring Locking,06 BASE (BB1606S.PTD) $12.94
Base Brkt,19D,Spring Locking,06 BASE (BB1906S.PTD) $13.37
Base Brkt,22D,Spring Locking,06 BASE (BB2206S.PTD) $16.13
Base Brkt,25D,Spring Locking,06 BASE (BB2506S.PTD) $19.04
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