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Lozier Base Deck, Platinum

Lozier Base Deck, PLT

Base Decks for Lozier gondola shelving are available in a variety of shelf widths and depths to allow you the greatest flexibility for merchandising. Platinum (Beige) finish, PLT

Lozier Base Deck C-channel molding accommodates 1.235" tag and features 1/4" shelf perforations for clip-on display accessories.

Choose from 48", 36", or 30" Widths.

Sold as individual units
S Style Deck,30W,13D-Platinum (SD3013N~PLT) $27.47
S Style Deck,30W,16D-Platinum (SD3016N~PLT) $28.31
S Style Deck,30W,19D-Platinum (SD3019N~PLT) $29.35
S Style Deck,36W,13D-Platinum (SD313N~PLT) $19.12
S Style Deck,36W,16D-Platinum (SD316N~PLT) $19.95
S Style Deck,36W,19D-Platinum (SD319N~PLT) $21.00
S Style Deck,36W,22D-Platinum (SD322N~PLT) $23.82
S Style Deck,36W,25D-Platinum (SD325N~PLT) $26.53
S Style Deck,48W,13D-Platinum (SD413N~PLT) $19.12
S Style Deck,48W,16D-Platinum (SD416N~PLT) $19.95
S Style Deck,48W,19D-Platinum (SD419N~PLT) $21.00
S Style Deck,48W,22D-Platinum (SD422N~PLT) $23.82
S Style Deck,48W,25D-Platinum (SD425N~PLT) $26.53
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