Lozier Closed Base Front - 06 Style, Charcoal

Closed Base Front

Closed Base Front for Lozier gondola shelving

The Closed Base Front encloses the gap between base brackets, under the base deck of Lozier fixtures. Fits flush with floor regardless of leveling adjustments.
  • Available in 48", 36", 30" lengths
  • Electrical knockouts on 48", 36"
Sold as single units
Closed Base Front,24W,06,Black (CBF206.CHR) $14.68
Closed Base Front,30W,06,Black (CBF3006.CHR) $18.02
Closed Base Front,36W,06,Black (CBF306.CHR) $10.76
Closed Base Front,48W,06,Black (CBF406.CHR) $10.76
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