Lozier Uprite End Trim, Platinum

Uprite End Trim snaps over the last uprite at the end of shelving runs to provide a clean finish. Lozier Platinum (Beige) finish, PLT

Sold as individual unit
Uprite End Trim,12H,Platinum (UET12.PLT) $7.85
Uprite End Trim,48H,Platinum (UET48.PLT) $7.85
Uprite End Trim,54H,Platinum (UET54.PLT) $7.85
Uprite End Trim,60H,Platinum (UET60.PLT) $7.99
Uprite End Trim,66H,Platinum (UET66.PLT) $7.99
Uprite End Trim,72H,Platinum (UET72.PLT) $7.99
Uprite End Trim,84H,Platinum (UET84.PLT) $8.58
Uprite End Trim,96H,Platinum (UET96.PLT) $9.01
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