MEG Shelving Closeout Specials

MEG (Merchandising Equipment Group) has been a manufacturer of quality retail store fixtures for over 75 years and ranked in the top 25 of traditional store fixture manufacturers, but recently they announced plans to take their company in a new direction and have discontinued many of their product lines.

MEG brand shelving have been proudly offered by Midwest Retail Services for many years and we kept some of their most popular products in-stock for fast shipment.

Now that the MEG line is being discontinued, we want to offer you the opportunity to stock-up on MEG products to supplement your existing MEG shelving, or perhaps give a new retail store on a tight start-up budget a deal on our existing inventory to clear it and make way for additional stock from other manufacturers (like Backroom Storage Shelving from Lozier).

Click the Products featured below for exceptional savings on closeouts from MEG

Supplies are extremely limited and you may wish to contact us in advance to check quantities or reserve inventory.

Call us at 800-576-7577 or email us at to answer questions, get custom quotes, or to help you determine if MEG products are the best match for your needs.

Need installation instructions for MEG products?
Click here for our online library of fixture installation manuals and PDF downloads.

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