The NEXT™ merchandising system keeps your store aisles looking beautiful every time your customer walks down them!

When you take advantage of the NEXT merchandising system, you radically alter the way you display and sell products. The NEXT system increases category sizes, decreases product shrink, and reduces merchandising labor. Using the NEXT visual presentation system could actually increase sales by up to 15% ...even 20%! All of these benefits combine to make NEXT one of the most useful and efficient display systems available.

It is rare when a merchandising product can dramatically change the appearance of a store; the NEXT system can make quite an impact.

NEXT Pusher Trays are perfect for...

Packaged Gum, Bagged Candy, Bagged Salads, Fresh Packaged Herbs, Packaged Meats, Frozen Pizzas, Frozen Boxed Meats, Lunchables®, Frozen Dinners and more!

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Some benefits of using NEXT Pusher Trays:

  • Increase sales 10-15%
    Visual presentation does affect sales.  If the shopper cannot see the product in your store, they cannot buy it. Show your customer everything you offer each time they walk down the aisle.
  • Increase category size 15-20%
    Fighting shelving space to get all the products your customer's want?  Eliminate dead spots along the aisle and fill it with products your customer will buy.  With the Next system, you will increase category size 15-20% on average.
  • Decrease product shrink 1-2%
    Product that gets stuck on the back of the shelf costs you money.  Improve product rotation and eliminate items from getting stuck on the back of the shelf.
  • Reduce merchandising labor
    In challenging retail markets, good sales associates are your most valuable resource.  Allow them to spend more time serving your customers rather than straightening out merchandise on your shelves.

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