48" Lozier Upper Shelves

Tilt-In Lozier Upper Shelves

48" Wide TL style upper shelving with 2-position tilt-in options; Select from standard flat or a 17-degree downward angle.

C-Channel molding accommodates 1.235" tag, and shelves feature 1/4" perforations for clip-on merchandising accessories.

Lozier Upper Shelves have 500 lbs. uniformly distributed load capacity.

Available in Beige (Platinum, PLT), Black (Charcoal, CHR), Gray (GRY), and White (WHT).

Sold as individual units.
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,10D,Platinum (TL410N.PLT) $25.73
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,13D,Platinum (TL413N.PLT) $26.16
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,15D,Platinum (TL415N.PLT) $29.36
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,16D,Platinum (TL416N.PLT) $30.23
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,17D,Platinum (TL417N.PLT) $31.40
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,19D,Platinum (TL419N.PLT) $32.12
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,22D,Platinum (TL422N.PLT) $39.83
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,25D,Platinum (TL425N.PLT) $43.31
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,28D,Platinum (TL428N.PLT) $46.80
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,10D,Black (TL410N.CHR) $27.27
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,13D,Black (TL413N.CHR) $27.73
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,15D,Black (TL415N.CHR) $31.12
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,16D,Black (TL416N.CHR) $32.05
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,17D,Black (TL417N.CHR) $33.29
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,19D,Black (TL419N.CHR) $34.06
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,22D,Black (TL422N.CHR) $42.21
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,25D,Black (TL425N.CHR) $45.92
Tilt In Shelf,48W,16D,Gray (TL416N.GRY) $32.05
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,19D,Gray (TL419N.GRY) $34.06
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,22D,Gray (TL422N.GRY) $42.21
Tilt-In Shelf,48W,13D,White (TL413N.WHT) $27.73
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