A wide variety of Slatwall displays and accessories are available for your store now.

Regardless of the type of retail business you own or manage, Slatwall merchandising displays are an effective way to showcase a sizable amount of products.

Slatwall shelving is versatile and available in a variety of sizes and colors.

There are thousands of uses for slatwall and the creative accessories available for use with slatwall. Slatwall is perfect for display areas (fixed or mobile units), retail stores in any category, professional or home workshops, auto repair, garages, offices, industrial factories, manufacturing facilities, and more.

Slatwall Floor Displays

Our slatwall floor displays have four sides which enables you to display merchandise with each side suited to a different product, or customize your display in any way that best fits your needs.

In addition to our Slatwall displays, we also feature Visi-Bin products. These clear, plastic bins connect to existing slatwall for additional product display. These display bins are perfect if you have an assortment of products you don't want to hang individually using slatwall hooks. A superior option for displaying impulse items, small items, or bulk display.

Click on any of our Slatwall merchandise displays or accessory categories for additional information and to order online, or contact Midwest Retail Services at 800-576-7577 or info@mw-rs.com to answer questions about slatwall products or anything else we offer!

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