Tobacco Storage Doors, Silver (FF)

Flex Frame Tobacco Storage Doors (Silver)

These Tobacco Storage Doors are available for 2', 3' and 4' Flex Frame fixtures. Great addition for carton storage or anything you would like to keep concealed.
  • Storage Doors cover the bottom 3 rows of the fixture shelving
  • Available in 24", 36", and 48" lengths
  • Silver Matte finish
Sold as a set of two doors
FXF Tobacco Storage Doors,48L,Silver Matte (301006-48-SM) $591.90
FXF Tobacco Storage Doors,36L,Silver Matte (301005-36-SM) $510.30
FXF Tobacco Storage Doors,24L,Silver Matte (301004-24-SM) $367.60
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