Four Post Wire Shelving System, Chrome

Four Post Wire Shelving System (Chrome)

Metro-style Four Post Wire System includes four (4) posts and four (4) wire shelves in Chrome.

Four Post Wire Shelving is NSF Certified for listings under ANSI/NSF Standard 2 Products (Food Service Equipment). Chrome parts approved for dry and heated environments.
  • Chrome finish
  • Includes 4 Uprite Posts and 4 Wire Shelves
  • Height adjusts on 1" increments
  • Evenly distributed load of 550 lbs per Shelf (1,500 lbs per unit)
  • Also available in Charcoal (CHR)
  • Additional shelves can be purchased individually
Sold as individual sets of 4 posts and 4 shelves
Not compatible with Metro brand shelving
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,48W,18D,54H,Chrome (FPW41854.BCP) $259.20
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,48W,14D,54H,Chrome (FPW41454.BCP) $347.08
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,36W,18D,54H,Chrome (FPW31854.BCP) $218.99
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,36W,14D,74H,Chrome (FPW31474.BCP) $244.58
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,36W,14D,54H,Chrome (FPW31454.BCP) $197.25
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,24W,18D,74H,Chrome (FPW21874.BCP) $236.97
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,24W,18D,54H,Chrome (FPW21854.BCP) $189.65
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,24W,14D,74H,Chrome (FPW21474.BCP) $223.39
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,24W,14D,54H,Chrome (FPW21454.BCP) $176.06
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,48W,18D,74H,Chrome (FPW41874.BCP) $306.53
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,48W,14D,74H,Chrome (FPW41474.BCP) $394.41
4-Post Wire Shelf Unit,36W,18D,74H,Chrome (FPW31874.BCP) $266.32
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