48" Madix Upper Shelves, Sahara

Madix Upper Shelving standard Sahara finish

Available in a variety of shelf depths:
10x48, 12x48, 14x48, 16x48, 18x48, 20x48, 22x48, 24x48

3-postion bracket allows you to install the shelf flat or to utilize a 15-degree 30-degree tilt in order to meet your merchandising display needs.

These shelves include double-rows of 1" on-center round perforations in the front and rear of each shelf.

Flat Load capacity of 500 lbs.

Sold as single units

LOW STOCK Std Upper Shelf,48L,24D,Sahara (SUS424-PC002) $47.51
Std Upper Shelf,48L,22D,Sahara (SUS422-PC002) $43.64
Std Upper Shelf,48L,20D,Sahara (SUS420-PC002) $41.08
Std Upper Shelf,48L,18D,Sahara (SUS418-PC002) $34.86
Std Upper Shelf,48L,16D,Sahara (SUS416-PC002) $32.85
Std Upper Shelf,48L,14D,Sahara (SUS414-PC002) $32.02
Std Upper Shelf,48L,12D,Sahara (SUS412-PC002) Contact us to order this item
Std Upper Shelf,48L,10D,Sahara (SUS410-PC002) Contact us to order this item

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